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St. Joseph's Secondary School

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Thanks to the composition of a highly educated talented and able staff, St. Joseph's Secondary school made it to the ranks of the top three best school of Sierra Leone. 
This much envied position would not have been possible without the dedicated men and women who dined the knowledge hungry daughters of our country with the best knowledge on the academic menu. Here is a list of some of the former staff members:      

Mr. Moses Bob Pessima.

Volunteer teacher with V.S.O (Volunteer Service Overseas. Teacher at St. Joseph's convent 1969 -1970. Those were the days when Sister Theresa was pricipal, and Mother Louis Mary - head of the convent. Lived with three other teachers in the bungalow across the school.Taught English and P.E while at St. Joseph's and used to go out for Sunday walks with girls at the boarding home.  On here return to the UK, she became a teacher of Music and Foreign Languages.  

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