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St. Joseph's Secondary School

St. Joseph's Primary School

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St. Joseph's Primary School
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St. Joseph's Primary School - Howe St.

Saint Joseph's Primary School is an all-girls primary (elementary) school currently located at Howe Street in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Typically, it enrolls girls from ages 3 to 12. It was founded in 1866 by the Roman catholic nunsfrom Italy, Ireland, and France. It was originally established as two sister schools - St. Mary's Primary School and St. Anne's Primary School. In 1985, St. Mary's and St. Anne's were amalgamated to form St. Joseph's. The school is currently situated at Howe Street, in the same compound that used to house its secondary school, now known as St. Joseph's Convent in Freetown. Its brother school is St. Edward's Primary School. 
It is the oldest girls' primary school in the country and one of the oldest elementary schools in Africa,
Past School Head Masters

Mrs. Gilpin

House System

The School is divided into several houses, named after the original houses of its predecessor schools, St. Mary's and St. Anne's.
Martha - [Red]
Column - [Blue]
Patricks - [Green]
Leo - [Yellow]
St. Joseph's - [Pink]
Theresa - [Brown]
Our Lady - [White]

Our School *  Howe Street in Freetown, Sierra Leone.